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Can Kerim Knight organise model release and licensing forms?

Kerim Knight Photography can provide model release forms and licensing agreements for all parties involved. Models, clients and photographers. A small additional administration fee is added to the final invoice.

Can Kerim Knight provide models?

Kerim Knight is able to provide both male and female models, subject to availability. He can assist with guiding you on what type of model you might require. There is an administration fee attached for this service.

How much do you charge for commercial photography

Prices vary depending on the distance, quantity of photos required and length of time on the job. Kerim Knight is happy to discuss your business requirements and provide a bespoke price to suit your needs.

Does Kerim Knight have a studio?

A studio is at hand depending on the size of the project. Large photoshoots that have production teams of 6 or more people, plus models will require another studio location to be rented.

Why does it cost so much for a photoshoot?

All photographers charge different rates and are at different levels of expertise. In photography what you are paying for is mainly 3 elements. 1. Quality of the final work. Kerim Knight Photography focuses on high level commercial photography. 2. The experience. The experience of lighting, posing, setting a vibe and professionalism. 3. Time. Working with the professional can invariably be more time saving and efficient. How you proceed invariably depends on your budget, quality of work needed for the job and your time.

How do you charge for a portrait photography photoshoot?

Prices vary depending on the distance, quantity of photos required and length of time on the job. Prices start at £400 to 1800 CHF for a portrait or editorial photoshoot.

How do you chose the location of the portrait?

He can usually recommend a nice location for your editorial or portrait photoshoot. Though should you have a preferred location, theme or vibe location is best discussed before hand to set the scope.

What should I wear in a portait photoshoot?

Of course, your clothing depends largely on the brief and your requirements and the purpose of the shoot. Though Kerim Knight has a detailed document on how to prepare for a portrait or an editorial photoshoot.

How quickly can Kerim Knight work?

Sometimes, it's possible to get the perfect shots really quickly. Whereas, other times it requires a little more persistence to get shots you're satisfied with. It is important to discuss your needs before and during the portrait shoot to ensure the best outcome.

How many images will I get from my portrait photoshoot?

It really depends on your needs and the project brief. This can be openned as a discussion with Kerim Knight.

When will I receive my images?

Images will be edited and delivered to you within 7 days of your select. For making the select, he is able to provide images within 48 hours.

How does he provide the images?

Kerim Knight will provide your photos via SwissTransfer, or a downloadable online album such as Dropbox, Proton Drive etc in which you will receive and email you the link. If required, he can provide a USB stick or a portable external drive containing the files, at an extra cost. If you require physical prints this will need to be discussed.

Does he share original (RAW) files?

Kerim Knight does not provide RAW files to clients. All images shared are retouched, in that way he can guarantee the standard and quality of his work.

What file sizes does he provide?

Files provided via an online album will be delivered at up to 2 MB and 300dpi. However, the pixel size remains the same so these files are adequate for printing. If different dimensions are required, i.e. 72dpi, please let him know.

How far is Kerim Knight willing to travel?

Kerim Knight regularly works with clients on professional photography projects in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Berlin, Istanbul and London. Depending on the distance, clients are expected cover travel expenses. These costs are always disclosed upfront.

Does Kerim Knight have insurance

He is fully insured with public liability and indemnity insurance specifically for professional photographers.

What photography equipment does he use?

Kerim Knight uses full-frame, Canon 5d Mark iv and Fujifilm GFX Medium Format and a FujiFilm XT4 professional cameras and has two cameras with me at all times. He uses a range of fast, professional lenses with constant aperture, along with a variety of Profoto professional lighting and studio equipment.