Street Photography:

Here Kerim Knight is sharing his personal work. Everywhere is unique in many ways, cities bustle with life, brewing the mixture of cultures that often overflows onto the streets, the countryside is calm and beauty is sometimes hidden from plain sight. Kerim Knight’s street photography from around the worlds gives you a palette of shades to look at. His work bursts with brilliant colours, dynamics and emotions when you’re least expecting it. For Kerim these are all topics of social structures and behavior and often he is just a temporary “visitor” to places or cultures.

On rare occasions Kerim finds himself scouring the streets and capturing moments through his camera you can witness here. The rich and diverse culture is a treat for any artist and makes for a great selection of events that occur around us or should if you seek under the tip of the iceberg. Over the years he has captured the beauty of people around him and shares it here in this collection.  Kerim Knight believes that this brings him closer cultures and people and helps him hone his professional photography skill.

Services: Street Photography – Personal Work.
Year: 2014 – 2023