Luxury Product Photographer:

Kerim Knight has his arms and mind in all aspects of a shoot. From concept creation all the way down to the post-production, to even how a client receives the deliverables. His experience as a Luxury Product photographer is steeped in his commitment to managing the entire creative process whilst upholding the integrity of luxury brands. Whether it’s sill advertising photography, content production or motion photography, Kerim’s goal is to create intricate and elegant images that sell products for companies in the luxury business.

For more than 10 years, Kerim has specialized in creative and sophisticated shoots. His passion as a Luxury Product Photographer led him to work with numerous well-known brands, including Charriol, Cartier & Bvlgari for advertorials in magazines. Kerim excels as a director and director of photography, interchanging roles based on the client’s vision for a photo shoot.

Full-Service Approach

Kerim Knight has a full-service approach to photography. The team manages every aspect of a shoot, from scouting the location to bringing in models that will enhance the brand’s image. He has the entire team devoted to helping style a shoot and create the perfect setting. Mark’s work doesn’t end after her takes the stills or motion photographs for a campaign, though. Once the project wraps, Kerim handles all the aspects of post-production to make sure every still and video speaks to a brand.

As a Luxury Product Photographer, Kerim’s passion for achieving detailed results shows in his projects. He uses complex lighting techniques to establish different moods and to evoke emotion. If you are looking for an an experienced Luxury Product Photographer for you next campaign, contact Kerim Knight Photography to discuss your next project.

Services: Jewellery/Product Photography
Clients: Charriol, Exki Balm, ArteGemma, Frfederique Berman, Eyes Media…..
Year: 2016 – 2023