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Photography Services: Fashion, Street & Social Documentary, Lookbook, Product & Portrait Photography.
Other Services: Workshops in Photography & Website Building, Teaching Photography (1-1), Fixer in Geneva, London & Istanbul.

Studio Address:

Rue de l’ Arquebuse 24
Geneva 1204

Telephone +41 (022) 321 0 123

About Kerim Knight:

I am a full time independent photographer in Geneva (though I travel back and forth between London & Istanbul). I shoot Fashion, editorials, portraits/head shots, social documentary (aka street) and sometimes I am commissioned to work outside these scopes. I believe photography is meaningless if it doesn’t have a glimpse of some soul or expression.

On editorials & fashion I work with a team of makeup artists, stylists and an assistant in Geneva and Istanbul. I got into fashion & beauty photography when I started doing collaborative shoots with fashion photographer Akif Celikel. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with National Geographic and their photographer Ira Block in Bangkok and Istanbul and also with Liza Politi with regards to my social documentary work. Additionally I am published in several magazines; FHM, Yoga Journal (Turkey), Harpers Bazar (Turkey) InStyle and I give workshops and I have exhibitions with my private projects.

Can you confide and count on me? Well in my corporate life, I used to work for companies like National Geographic Turkey, Oracle and Vodafone and I know all about confidentiality agreements and what breaks a bond or trust. I’ve travelled to outer boarders of Cambodia to Chile and have been fortunate enough to photograph some of the most amazing characters on earth. From those in the outskirts of some desolate town to those who walk on the streets in a city. My word is my bond and I keep it.

What differentiates me from other photographers and what can you expect from me in short? For one I will bring all of the above experiences, total respect and a lot of fun. Tell me what you want or are looking for and I will work with you (and a hell of a lot more) to achieve your goals.

Giving Back To The Environment:

I am someone who likes to give back to the community that we live in. So wherever possible I try to give back. I truly believe:

It is essential to inspire hope and confidence; since it is what many people lack most & what this world needs most of the time. When it is within your hands, it’s important to give something to help humans smile along their journey as they find their own path.

This is either done with my social documentary photography or for example; taking on migrants/refugees as assistants to teach them photography and skills and the business. And as of April, I will be giving free LinkedIn Portrait sessions for the unemployed in Geneva.

Additionally, I also allow a 20% to 30% margin of my workshops to be free for the unemployed or either migrants with unfortunate cases. This helps to create a more open, caring and giving social environment. This approach has worked great in the past and I love what we can do in order to make things a little better for everyone.

If you would like to find out more, part take or to be a such a participant, please drop me a line below.

What I do I not shoot:

  • Events
  • Weddings
  • Food
  • Scenic/Nature
  • Wildlife