Fashion Photographer:

Kerim Knight knows that Fashion Photographer should have the ability to showcase luxury deigning clothing, and accessories for the brands he works with. Kerim plans his styled images by using models, outfits, textures and good location scouting, which turned every photo scene into a focal point to the clients product. Kerim handles every aspect from the post-production, to editing the final images or video. He selects each member of the team who works with him and likes to work with people who have the same standards.

An Eye For Detail:

Kerim’s many talents as a high-end Fashion photographer includes still photography, video for advertising or social media he has the creative direction and skill sets sough by many fashion brands. He uses these to create stunning and visually powerful images for his clients. Kerim handles the hiring of the stylists, make-up and hair artists to taking care of any last minute production details and clearly set out guides. Making it easy for clients to trust him and his team to manage the photoshoot flawlessly. He makes each photo session enjoyable for everyone involved.

Portfolio & Clients:

Kerim has worked with celebrities, fashion brands from around the world. Photos from Kerim Knight’s fashion shoot present the perfect mix of artistry and storytelling. His sophisticated style and understanding of the industry has elevated him to one of the leading and sort out Fashion Photographers in Switzerland.

Services: Fashion Photography
Year: 2016 – 2023