Old Ideas

Old Ideas, is a project I started this year and a project I have been trying to do for a while.  In short it is a free portrait day for Senior Citizens with the Ville De Genève and Cité Seniors.  As citizens get wiser and older, people tend to take less and less photos of them and I just thought it would be nice to give then an image that they can be proud/happy with. Something to share and still say “Hey, this is me”.

Each participant, has a different dynamic, no one is told to just smile, but our dynamic pulls out old thoughts, emotions, ideas and memories. – Leaving us with what you see here which leaves me with a quote:

“If every event which occurred could be given a name, there would be no need for stories”. – John Berger.

These portraits are from the first session that I did here in Geneva, Switzerland  and I aim to do a second day later this Autumn and for the next few years to come. – With the hopes of taking this little project nationally.