What this page is for:

Here I aim to answer all your questions about doing a Portrait Session with me. Let’s call it my 1-Stop-Shop. So below you will find the following information:

Pricing & Payment Guide:

A quick pricing & payment guide.

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How I Work

A rough guide to how I work and some things I do and don't do.

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Preparing For A Shoot

A quick guide in how to prepare for a portrait shoot with me.

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How I Work

I think it’s important to say that over the years of experience of photographing people, I understand that what you are looking for is not always the same as the last customer wanted. How we see ourselves (self perception) and what image we want to portray differs from one person to the next. I am here, to listen to your needs, understand them and create something with them and put it into a photograph.

Just as every client is very different, every photographer is different (after all, we are human too) in the same way each photograph is different. In fact, if we analyse this, a photograph is a product of the dynamic you have with the photographer during that moment. Whilst the moment may be gone, the photograph is the evidence of the moment.

If you book me for a photo shoot, you get the studio, the lights, my eye, experience in posing, lighting technics and my years of experience as a photographer. I put this all together to get the shot we are looking for.

Whilst we have an idea in our mind about what we want, I will also bring in my professional experience to have the best outcome. For example, in a CV/LinkedIN portrait session, I not only bring my photography experience and eye, but I also bring my corporate experience as a manager of team of 12 (for example at Vodafone) who used to hire, fire and promote employees. Meaning, I also know what a hiring manager or HR department look for or catch in an image that’s in a CV or in LinkedIn. It’s not just a artistic, stylised image of what I think will work as an artist, but actually what I know works.


Address Of The Studio: EMILIE FASHION ACADEMY, Chemin de Grange Canal 24, 1224 Chêne-Bougerie.

How I Work At The Studio:

  • In order to get the best out of the shoot it is important that you feel relaxed and comfortable. So when you arrive at the studio, we will probably sit for a coffee, go through some key points and the clothing items you’ve brought along with you.
  • Then we will start doing some test shots, some poses and facial expressions.
  • We will go over the first set of shots together on the computer, look at key points of posing, expressions, eyes and so forth before continuing.
  • It will be a relaxed, easy going and fun shoot.

Some Other Key Points:

A lot of photographers do the following and these are things I certainly do or do not do:

  • Your personal space is yours, so I avoid touching my clients.
  • I don’t take 800 images during a shoot. – I try to get it right and avoid the “hit and miss” or “shoot until something looks good”.
  • There’s no such thing as “One Hit Wonder” where the first shot is the best shot; there’s always better.
  • I aim to build up a connection with you and that’s the difference between a snap shot of you and real portrait. Not “A Deer In The Headlights” kind of look.