"You dance inside my chest, where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that becomes this art." - Rumi.

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The Project

Hello and welcome to my new personal art project for 2017 – 2018.

If you’ve landed yourself on this page, that means you’ve expressed interest in being in it. The picture on the top, is a sample picture of what this project might look like (but I think I am going to change the look a bit). Nonetheless, it’s a photo I recently took with a model, who like you, wanted to be in this project..

The point of this page is to welcome you to the project, to quickly go over some important key points that you might want to know or have been asking yourself (or even me). I think if I proceed this page in simple FAQ kind of approach it would help you figure this all out. And if there’s something not in the FAQ’s you can go ahead an email me and I can update this page accordingly.

Firstly, I want to express my thanks for the great amount of people who have contacted to be part of a project like this. I guess you kind of know when you’re on the right track when there’s a lot of excitement and people willing to be in it. As you know, it’s a nude project and it’s awesome that you are here opening yourself to this project like that and wanting to have this experience. – Thank you, I appreciate it.

My aim is to photograph 100 people, I am on 23 at the moment.

So let’s begin with the FAQ’s (below) and after that there is link at the bottom of the page that to see my next 2 weeks schedule and when how we can fit you in.

Before the shoot FAQ's:

  • What is the point of the project? This is a personal art project I am undertaking for the next year. I aim to show the diversity of Geneva and show how humans can be open and without taboos no matter their demographic. People claim Geneva is conservative, this proves otherwise. It’s based on the quote above and I am aiming to photograph about 101 people.
  • Can I be anonymous if I want to be? Yes of course and I will respect that. We will simply work on a pose that doesn’t show your face.
  • I don’t have “the perfect body” but I’d like to join in, is that possible? Yes, totally no matter your size or height. – I would like diversity and we will work on a pose that’s interesting and flattering.
  • What about my age, is there an age restriction? No. However, if you are underage (-18), your parents will have to sign the Model Release form for you and be present during the shoot. – They can wait in the lounge or actually be present (whichever is the most comfortable).
  • What will the final image look like? Something like the image above.
  • Is there a restriction in race, religion or colour? Not at all, everyone is welcome.
  • I am disabled can I still join in? Yes totally, I will just need to know if you require anything beforehand.
  • If I have a form of deformation, can I still be apart of this? Yes.
  • My partner and I are interested, can we do it together? Yes of course.
  • I want to do this but not sure if I should tell my partner? From my experience, it’s best to be open with your partner way before we do the shoot. That way there is no shock, last minute disappointment or arguments. Partners can be present during the shoot if need be.
  • Can I do it with my child or daughter/son? Yes, but same as above, you will need to sign two model release forms. One for you, one for your child.
  • I am nervous about being naked, is there anything I should know or do? There are a few things, I’ve done many nude shoots and I am easy going person. Just relax and have fun. That’s part of the experience. If you do normally have some form of bodily maintenance. – Then please make sure to do it the day (or a few days) before. Also, maybe don’t wear a bra before the shoot. – It means no bra lines!
  • Will private parts be showing no matter what? No, it depends on how you feel and how open you would like to be. It’s not meant as a erotic shoot.
  • Will there be a Model Release Form? Yes.
  • What is a Model Release Form? It cover’s the usage rights of our shoot, it’s a standard thing in the photography industry.
  • What will the model release form cover? – Usage rights and confidentiality agreements. – For example whether you are ok to be in the exhibition, and/or ok to be on social media for example (see note below for a little more info about this).
  • Can I see this Model Release Form before the shoot? Yes of course you can see it. – It’s right here: Model Release Form.
  • Can I trust you? Yes, I am not here to make a bad reputation or for being untrustworthy.
  • Will you be touching me if we do a shoot? No. I will guide you with pointers or show you poses. However, I won’t be touching you.
  • What will happen to the pictures after the shoot? I am aiming for an exhibition in Geneva later this year, it might be picked up by a newspaper or magazine at some point (it tends to be the case). Please see the note below for additional info on this.

About the shoot FAQ's:

  • Where will the shoot take place? In my studio in Grange Canal: Chemin de Grange Canal 24, 1224 Chêne-Bougerie. See the Google map link here:
  • Can I bring a friend? Yes, totally specially if it will help you feel more comfortable.
  • How long will it take? Around 30/40 mins in total. Maybe about 12 -15 mins shooting time in nudity. So really not that much.
  • What about other models coming and going? I won’t be scheduling you in a way that you will meet the other models. – That way everyone remains private/confidential and there are no conflicts.
  • Should I do any bodily maintenance before the shoot? Not really, come as you are normally or would be. However, please don’t shave (legs or anywhere else), or trim just before the shoot. It leaves red blotches on your skin and makes an issue for the final imagery.
  • Bra lines & panty lines. If your bra tends to leave a bra line, then it may be worth not wearing one a few hours before our shoot.
  • What happens if I get cold feet or need to cancel? This is ok, just please let me know in advance. I will be working my schedule around this, so please give me the professional courtesy of letting me know in advance. That’s all I ask. If you disappear without a word, then I won’t be rebooking you back in. Respect and reliability is a two street.

After the shoot Questions:

  • What happens to the pictures? I check them out on the computer, decide on the best ones to edit and we go from there. The rest of the images will be deleted permanently.
  • How do you chose which picture to be edited? This will be based on our discussion and what you felt comfortable with.
  • Can I have a copy of our final edited picture? Yes totally. – I’d be happy to sign you a copy and it will only cost you the printing.
  • Is there anything you need from me before or during? Not really, maybe bring an item you like from home which makes you feel comfortable. Oh maybe, one note. – Don’t turn up drunk.
  • I will state again, don’t turn up drunk or drink before the shoot. You may be nervous, but it makes my job harder, so I will probably cancel/postpone the shoot then.
  • Is there anything you need from me after the shoot? Yes, I would love one or two sentences from you about how the experience was. I don’t mean about shooting with me, I mean how you felt during and after. Liberated, nervous what the set of emotions where and what it reminded you of.

Got a question that’s not covered? – Drop me an email and I will respond accordingly.

Important note: If you are interested and in this project, note that this is an art project with the aim of being exhibited. – In the Model Release Form there will be tick boxes about confidentiality and the usage of your image on my website, social media and media. I will respect your decisions accordingly and will abide to our agreement. However, if you do not want to be in the exhibition (as anonymous or not) then there’s no point in being part of the project.

Great & now what?
Great, you’ve made it this far and still interested? So now we just have to book you in for the shoot. Click here to see the timetable: