Renay Music: Pure Love Album & Single Covers

  • Assoc Producer x2 music videos.
  • Photographer For Pure Love album by Renay Music. 2x Single 1x Album.
  • Editorial Work + Creative Imagery

In August 2019, Little Miss Shaz and I flew to Berlin to work on a project that she started with Renay Music (A.K.A Renee Asteria). The project started as editorial images, an album cover and 2 single covers, which then turned us becoming Assoc. Producers of two music videos. See the links down below.

Getting to work with contemporary twin dancers Berit & Anna Fr√łysland seen in the imagery, along with stylists Raki and the lovely Little Miss Shaz herself. A flight to Berlin and 4 days of intensive work left us with exhausted and shattered, but came to be an intensive creativity boom of lots of content. With a last minute rush to find an extra location to shoot, I really would like thank Bolia in Berlin for letting us use their space. This is the 3rd time Bolia and I have worked liked this, and their staff have been nothing but accommodating and amazing!

On this intensive project, the biggest surprise was seeing Renay have such amazing energy to continue to 2am nearly every morning, only to start all over the next day. Working with such passion and energy with someone who absolutely loves what they do, is always an amazing thing to have on set. Having to produce this content (and the two music videos) was extremely manic and tiring. Each video had it’s own vibe and the shots of Renay were shot in between

This project would not have happened if it were not for Little Miss Shaz. – Someone I really enjoy working with.

Here and around, you will find some of the content created for project.

– The images were shot using FujiFilm’s GFX50 medium format camera and a Canon 5D mk III, all using Profoto B1’s & D2 flash head lights.