One Hour With Mads Kornerup

Jewellery and accessory designer Mads Kornerup, arrived in Geneva in November to launch his new shop at the Kempinski Hotel. The following morning he then spends his time to be photographed by me at Bottle Brothers  An editorial shoot for Eyes Magazine which has turned out to be sensational. In this page, you will see the pictures we crafted together, in 1 hour.

Client: Eyes Magazine
Service: Commercial Work
Location: Bottle Brothers
Year: 2017


Shoot Details:

You might know, that I only have prime lenses in my bag and here the pictures are shot using the Canon’s 24mm f1.2 II and the Canon’s 85mm f1.8 lens. I’ve started using the 85mm lens more and more recently; and I think this may have to be the next update/upgrade I will do (I am eyeing the Sigma Art at the moment). – As much as I love the glass on the Canon f1.8, I find it a bit plasticy which strangely makes me think like I am not pro. However, again, this is proof that you don’t really need the expensive gear to get what you need.

As for lighting: in this shoot I used an Elinchrome 500 BRX with a large octobox (150cm) but I mostly shot the images with a beauty dish (40cm). I’m mainly a 1 light set up kind of photographer. Especially when I am shooting alone, have limited time to shoot a subject like Mads Kornerup or Massimo Bottura. Plus I like the drama it brings to my images. – What I find a major disadvantage is the 500 BRX is way to bright to put a beauty dish on it. So the dish needs to be a fair distance not to burn out the skin details. – Which kind of defies the purpose of using the dish really. Hoping to get a dish for my Profoto B1 soon or maybe a new Elinchrome. Who knows?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a mail and ask me anything you like. Also on Instagram I am starting to do before and after shoots if you’re interested.

The full magazine article and cover, can be found in my Press Page here: