I am proud to announce that since October 2015, Mathilde Avecedo, Melanie Fontanet, La Roseraie and I have been working on a portrait project of Migrants from Geneva. In the exhibition this October, come and discover how I reflect the migrant’s trail and their integration into the Geneva life & culture through our project Une goutte de notre époque (AKA: A Drop In Our Time).


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At the exhibition you will see how they challenged themselves by having their portraits taken in water. To see more details of the project follow the Facebook Page for more information, pictures of our experiences and stay tuned for more information & the exhibition. Below are a selection of behind the scene pictures & photographs taken by me during their weekly cultural event organised by La Roseraie. These events were important for me to attend to build up great friendships, bonds of trust and to immerse myself with the great things that the Roseraie does here in Geneva.

Exhibition Details:
6th – 15th October 2016 at: Galerie La Cave, 4 rue Henri-Fazy, 1204 Genève
Facebook event details are here.


Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes video #2 by Kumquat

Behind the scenes video #1 by Kumquat




Me (Kerim Knight) by Carla Silva




Julien Wey making a back stage movie.



Mathilde & Julien organising our participants


Weekly Cultural Events


Thomas and The Roseraie on the way to the cinema in the Théâtre Pitoëff.


abdulnazar and us on our way to a photo exhibition at the Théâtre du Galpon


The Roseraie’s sports day event


The Roseraie’s sports day event


thoma at musée Ariana

_C2A0061-EditEffrem at The Roseraie