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Last month, I arrived in Eaux Vive (Geneva) at what was to be the shoot location for our fashion shoot for my client La Muse Boutique in her in town. A cute atelier with white walls, high ceiling and a nice vibe. I lay out all my gear out; from tripod, to light stands, flashes to lenses (all the usual stuff us photographers have) and I suddenly remembered I forgot to put on some music. I for one cannot function without music. My editing, my cooking or cycling the streets of Geneva are accompanied with tunes of whatever. Ok, well “cannot function” is a slight over statement, but you get the point. It’s fundamental part of my daily life. Certainly, it’s a massive ingredient of a shoot, especially when I need to set things up. It puts me in the mood and brings in the energy.

So up goes the white backdrop, the flashes on to the light stands. My then Spotify playlist pumping jams from the Bose music system being streamed by bluetooth through the iPad 2. The crew starts arriving, makeup (Jenna Pilia), the clothes, the model (Christelle Burrus), the hair stylist (Becky Meucci). My client coming and going arranging things. I am in a good mood, it’s a mix of uplifting tunes to some electronic music. It’s a selection of music I have discovered and want to check out more on a later date. More like a bin of music I kind of like or want to research to. Then…BAM!!! On comes the most out of sync depressing songs and then later another one. Depressing music is good, but not really apt for a shoot. I didn’t have a set of music that I can just play through for hours that was needed for shoots.

The point here is very a important one actually. When working with a team or someone else, it’s important to have music that fits the occasion. Photographer’s blog or post YouTube links about about gear, how to pose or how to treat your subject and/or clients. However, setting the scene is rather important too. Just like a dinner party or house party. It has the same effect. Waiting around tires people and brings the atmosphere down as you should have the studio kind of ready before people turn up (or the dining table).  Morale is low if you are playing slower sadder music. However, you can’t be on a constant rush of electronic music for example, as this becomes just as tiring over a set of hours. You need highs and lows for people to adapt to, with a set of genres.

If a model likes Pop, (say Justin Bieber) and the photographer doesn’t and hates it, it clashes. Who is more the important piece of the equation here? The model doesn’t work as well and pouts if she doesn’t like the music and the client isn’t happy. Nor the photographer; but we are the most adaptable really (and you can’t see out pouting in the final product).

The issue is that I hadn’t made a playlist that was solely upbeat for studio shoots. I’ve worked on shoots where an assistant plays music through YouTube and plays songs individually. This can be really annoying if music constantly stops and starts and an adverts cut in. It breaks the rhythm. There are playlists, but YouTub isn’t really meant for this.

There are also playlists and radio channels on Spotify, but I don’t tend to like them much. – Too Teen Pop or it suddenly drastically changes and I am left thinking “WFT Spotify” and get frustrated. So I created a playlist that’s upbeat and consists of ups and downs to keep models, crew and myself motivated. However, nothing too tiresome. So here is mine:

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Hope you enjoy it & happy shooting!