Here you will find my published work or me in the press. Please note that published works are all commissioned work and not work submitted to free magazines for visibility etc.


BOOK: Book on Yoga by Claire Lalande (entire book) 2019

BOOK: Book on Yoga by Cetin Cetintas (entire book ) 2019

Music Album: Artwork for Dely-Cat’s new music album 2019


PUBLICATION: Eyes Magazine (editorial Emmanuel Guiet) Sept 2018

AUCTION: Auction of work at Sotherby’s for La Fondation Miracles, Apr 2018

CATALOGUE: Amlége (entire fashion catalogue) Feb 2018

PUBLICATION: Eyes Magazine (editorial watches, jewellery & handbags) Jan 2018

PUBLICATION: Eyes Magazine (editorial Moritz Heininger) Jan 2018

PUBLICATION: :Eyes Magazine (cover & editorial Mads Kornerup) Jan 2018


PUBLICATION: Cote Magazine (Fashion Academy editorial) Dec 2017

PUBLICATION: The Expat Magazine (Anna Salih) Dec 2017

PUBLICATION: Yoga Journal Turkey (Zeynep Celen) Dec 2017

PRESS: La Couleur Des Jours Paper (2 page spread/Interview) Aug 2017

PUBLICATION: Eyes Magazine (editorial Lara Chioda, Ms Suisse Romande) Aug 2017

PUBLICATION: Eyes Magazine (portrait of Emilie Boiron, Ms Suisse Romande) May 2017

PUBLICATION: Eyes Magazine (cover & editorial Massimo Bottura) May 2017

PUBLICATION: Yoga Journal Magazine Turkey (portrait of Burcu Tecer) July 2017

PUBLICATION: MAG Magazine Turkey (editorial of Neval Aras) July 2017 & 2 page.

CATALOGUE: ArteGemma (entire jewellery catalogue) 2017

PUBLICATION: Yoga Journal Magazine Turkey (portrait of Zeynep Aksoy) Apr 2017


PUBLICATION: InCity Magazine (editorial) Nov 2016

PUBLICATION: Monthly Fitness Magazine (editorial 3 pages) Sept 2016

PUBLICATION: Harpers Bazar Magazine (editorial) June 2016

PUBLICATION: InStyle Magazine Turkey (portrait) June 2016

PUBLICATION: Monthly Fitness Magazine (editorial Gozde Biber 4 pages) June 2016 

PRESS: Tribune De Geneve News Paper (article interview) May 2016

PUBLICATION: Boğaziçi BUMED University’s Magazine (editorial 2 pages) Feb 2015

PUBLICATION: Digital Camera Magazine Slovania:: Digitalna Kamera (editorial portrait) Jan 2016


PRESS: Tribune De Geneve News Paper (article) December 2015

PRESS/PUBLICATION: Yoga Journal Magazine Turkey (Editorial/Interview 2 pages) Oct 2015

PUBLICATION: FHM Magazine Turkey (editorial portrait): May 2015

PUBLICATION: FHM Magazine Turkey (editorial 4 pages): Feb 2015