A while ago I created a free workshop in french for young migrants and the young people of Geneva (Jeune genevois).  The purpose to teach and educate people key elements that makes a good social documentary photograph. This wasn’t a technical workshop on how to use a camera nor to answer questions like “whats the aperture”? It was more theory based; What to look out for, how to think outside of the box, try and change angles etc. Followed by all of us going outside with people’s cameras or camera phones and practice a little of what they had learnt. So a photowalk too lets say.

This was my first workshop that I have ever given and so I was a little anxious as I created the event (it’s amazing how Facebook makes you even more anxious), posted it on Facebook and whilst creating the presentation (in French) of photography and photographers, I was worried about the turn out (or more like the lack of turnout). Constantly checking the Facebook event page to see how many people were coming (it’s amazing how Facebook does that to you too). My event was really open to all, FB was declaring it was to be around 11 people attending the night before the presentation. To me, this was a good turnout for my first workshop; I would not be going home in shame with my tail between my legs.

As a side note: You might ask yourself, why was I doing a presentation and teaching social documentary/street photography when it’s not what you see here on my website? Well the truth is answered in the question. Most of the work on my site shows my commercial work and not my street or social project work that I do on the side. And I wanted to offer a learning that everyone could learn and apply. One where you don’t need the fancy equipment, lighting or anything complicated. Just something that took pictures. – Accessible to all, the everyday many.

I had turned up at the classroom at 9:00 am, presentation on a USB drive (and on 2 SD cards and on my laptop, just in case) and some volunteers and I started arranging the room. 15 chairs down for people to sit. Perfect (or so I thought). it turned out 52 people came for my presentation & photowalk. We needed a lot more chairs. That was a lot more people than expected. So a little nervous with the huge crowd, I went through my presentation, followed by our photowalk and then we all went to an a photography exhibition.  Facebook had once again had deceived me.

Overall I think it was a success. We all got into it and laughed a lot. Anyway, below you will see the pictures taken during the morning and I just wanted to share the experience with you.

Me showing the process of how I get to a picture. – The waiting, the shooting, the shortlisting, the editing.

Me talking about one of the masters in photography. Man Ray

Participants of the photowalk

Participants of the photowalk