Editorial, Fashion & Portraiture.

I am a full-time published, independent photographer in Geneva; passionate and fascinated with story telling and building up connections with my subject. Everyone makes art these days, but I try to make art that matters. I have worked with the National Geographic team (in Thailand & in Turkey) for my Social Documentary/Street Photography and my work has been exhibited at the Geneva Photo Festival 2017. My services ranges from editorial photography, portrait photography, fashion photography and for some special clients. I also have a few workshops with the Ville De Genéve and with CREA. Teaching visual communication, photography theory, street and lighting.

I am published in Harpers Bazar, InStyle, FHM amongst some of the magazines and I currently have an exhibition moving around Switzerland this year (2017) on migrants and refugees. So now that you’ve seen a bit of my work you’ll see that there is also some yoga, dance photography and some commercial product photography added in here as well.

I am also a bit of adrenaline junky who loves new experiences but I am quite grounded and calm. I like to live by the saying “There is Freedom In You That Knows No Fear”. If you want to know more check out my about me page or if you are interested in booking/working with on a project together then drop me a line.