A Four Week PhotoWalk/Workshop With Cité Seniors:

This May (2017) I started a 4 week workshop (once a week for 3 hours) with La Ville de Genève at Cité Seniors and La Roserie’s participants.  During this workshop and photowalk 18 of students from Cité Seniors and La Roseraie joined forces to learn to take better snapshots with their mobile phones. To be able to do this whilst they were walking on the street on their own.

The Purpose: Social Integration. Integrating the senior citizens with the young migrants from all over the world.

The Outcome: Fantastic pictures that Cité Seniors decided to run a 3rd and 4th workshop and this next one with a full integrated exhibition. Check them out below, they are all theirs and really good for unedited pictures taken with their mobile phones.

Services: Photography Workshops & Social Integration
Year: 2017

How It Worked: We started every week with a small presentation and mini critique of the snapshots they took with their camera. We discussed, rule of thirds, leading lines, negative space, perspective and the decisive moment. Additionally discovering and chatted about a few famous photographers and how they work. Each photowalk having it’s own purpose, forcing participants to try and break their boundaries. Whether that be through taking portraits, social documentary shots of strangers, macro shots or scenic pictures.

What I really loved most about this workshop, was how each participant really got stuck in and how we all got involved with each other and we became good friends at the end. The pictures taken during the workshop really turned out fabulous and to see everyone’s progression. Some of the participants didn’t understand how to focus with their mobile phone applications and at the end returned with fabulous results.

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What is Cité Seniors? Cité Seniors, is a local branch of the government which integrates and brings senior citizens of Geneva together with a social agenda. They provide workshops, outings, classes in computing, yoga and other activities.
What is La Roseraie? A centre for the social integration of migrants/immigrants and/or refugees. At the roseraie, participants learn french and attend social and cultural events in Geneva on a weekly basis.

For Geneva is, it’s truly a treasure to be here and an honour to be part of this. Thank you.

Here you will find the photographs taken during our 4 week workshop by those who participated.

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